• How old is Ammolite?

    Over 70 million years old.

  • How was Ammolite formed?

    Millions of years of tectonic pressure created this beautiful gem from the fossilized remains of the ammonite shell.

  • Where is Ammolite found?

    To date the only place in the world Ammolite is found is in Alberta, Canada. KORITE owns and operates the world’s largest commercial Ammolite mine located in Alberta’s Bearpaw Formation.

  • When did Ammolite officially become a gemstone?

    In 1981, Ammolite was awarded official gem status by the World Jewellery Confederation (CIBJO)

  • What causes the multiple colors in Ammolite?

    The color is created by refraction of light passing through the many layers of the Ammolite shell.

  • How much longer will Ammolite be available?

    KORITE expects to continue mining Ammolite for at least another 50 years.

  • What is the difference between Ammonite and Ammolite?

    An ammonite is the actual fossil and Ammolite is the gemstone that is found on the surface of the ammonite.

  • Why is KORITE Ammolite considered to be a feng shui gemstone ?

    Many feng shui experts believe the stone has absorbed a substantial amount of the earth’s and the universe’s positive cosmic energy, an energy also known as qi (ch-ee), that can be found in the multitude of colors in ammonite. For more information please visit our feng shui information page.

  • How long has KORITE been in business?

    KORITE pioneered the Ammolite industry over 35 years ago.

  • Where is KORITE located?

    Our head office is located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

  • What gemstone does Ammolite resemble?

    Ammolite’s luminous qualities rival the black opal for color and fire.

  • Are there different grades of Ammolite?

    KORITE is the leader in the Ammolite industry, setting grading standards since 1979. Ammolite comes in four grades: AAA, AA, A and standard, the grades are based on the gem’s brilliance and variety of color and clarity. AAA and AA account for only 3-12% of KORITE's annual production.

  • What is the hardness of Ammolite?

    The natural hardness of Ammolite is 3.5 to 4.5 on the Mohs scale. When capped with quartz, the hardness increases to 7.0 on the Mohs scale, and when capped with spinel, the hardness increases to 8.0.

  • How much does KORITE mine?

    KORITE's eco-friendly Ammolite mine produces over 90% of the world's supply of this magnificent gem. It is the only fully operational, year-round commercial Ammolite mine in the entire world.

  • How can I become a KORITE Ammolite jewelry designer?

    Please contact us and we'd be happy to discuss it with you further.

  • Can I buy an ammonite from KORITE?

    Ammonites are available at many of KORITE’s retailers. Please click here to find a retailer in your area.

  • Is Ammolite mined ethically?

    Authentic KORITE ammolite is ethically mined and certified by the Federal Department of Canadian Heritage. After mining the layers of soil are carefully replaced in the order they were removed. The native grasses are then restored and the natural environment is improved during the reclamation process. KORITE's responsible practice proudly set new environmental standards in the Ammolite mining and reclamation process.

  • How are KORITE retailers identified?

    KORITE”s high quality products are sold in select Authorized Ammolite Dealers worldwide. Please visit our store locator on our website for a list of dealers.

  • Is KORITE mining on Native lands?

    KORITE is not mining on Native lands.

  • Does KORITE guarantee its Ammolite jewelry?

    Every piece of KORITE jewelry comes with an unconditional lifetime guarantee.

  • How do I register my new piece of Ammolite jewelry?

    To register your jewelry, please do so here to request warranty registration.

  • Can my KORITE jewelry be modified by a third party and still be covered under the unconditional lifetime warranty?

    No. Using your local jeweler to modify your Korite jewellery will void your warranty. We ask that you return your KORITE jewelry item to us. You can obtain a return authorization number by contacting our Customer Service department. Please visit our customer service page for more details.

  • Where is Ammolite available?

    KORITE’s Ammolite products are available internationally at fine jewelers, gift shops and art galleries. Please visit our Store Locator tab to find a retailer in your area.

  • Does KORITE design its own jewelry?

    KORITE, along with our in-house designers, partners with world-class artisans including Canadian and international designers to maintain the quality and integrity of our jewelry.

  • Does KORITE sell Ammolite to other companies?

    KORITE uses all of the Ammolite it mines and does not sell to any other company.

  • Does the ammonite fossil need to be registered with the government?

    All Canadian ammonites, regardless of where they are found, must be registered with the Government of Alberta. If an ammonite is exported, an export permit is needed before the ammonite is legally allowed to leave the country.

  • How much are ammonites?

    Prices are determined by quality, brightness of color, size and shape of the ammonite.

  • Who else mines ammonite?

    Presently KORITE owns the only operating mine in the world. Since 1983, KORITE has operated the largest Ammolite mine. KORITE's responsible and safe mining practices are well known in the industry. Once the mining is complete, the land is restored to its original condition.

  • Who is the world leader in Ammolite sales?

    KORITE is the world leader. KORITE supplies over 90% of the world's top grade Ammolite from it's wholly owned source and strict quality controls set the Ammolite industry standard. All KORITE jewelry comes with a "Certificate of Authenticity" attesting to the highest quality and craftsmanship. 

KORITE is a member of Canadian Jewellers Association, American Gem Trade Association and International Colored Gemstones Association.

  • Are the ammonites painted?

    All Ammonite fossils have some degree of restoration. During the restoration process the natural cracks need to be filled, the filled areas are then colored to match the rest of the fossil, but this coverage is extremely minimal. 

  • Where are the diamonds and white sapphires sourced?

    Our accent diamonds are sourced from Hong Kong by our jewelry manufacturer and the white sapphires are ethically sourced from Sri Lanka.

  • Is the jewelry made in Alberta or sent elsewhere to be set?

    The gold and silver mounts are made in Canada, China and USA, then shipped to Calgary for setting with our Ammolite gemstones.

  • Is KORITE’s jewelry cadmium free?

    All KORITE ammolite jewelry is certified cadmium free.

  • Where does the gold and sterling silver come from that is used in KORITE’s jewelry?

    The gold and silver are purchased from a bank or a certified gold and silver supplier by our jewelry manufacturer. All KORITE jewelry products are inspected and tested to ensure quality and the proper gold and silver content.