Korite Decor


Timeless art for the home or workplace.

Natural gems and rare fossils are increasingly popular design and decor elements,
yet only KORITE’s are recognized for their size, quality craftsmanship and color.

Displayed in prominent galleries and museums, including the American Museum of Natural
History in New York and the Royal Tyrrell Museum in Alberta, KORITE Decor specimens
are coveted for exuberant color, high quality, size and appealing shapes. Authentic KORITE ammonite is ethically mined and certified by the Federal Department of Canadian Heritage.

We appreciate that each collector has a preference for how artwork is displayed.
Offered from the ammonite collection are freestanding and wall-hanging pieces to accommodate your artistic vision and preference.

The influence and intrigue of ammonite, ammolite and Feng Shui is highly regarded by masters
of the Chinese philosophical practice. Learn more about how Feng Shui masters interpret
the beauty and energy of KORITE Decor pieces.

The team at KORITE Decor can assist in determining the most
suitable ammonite for you and inform how to present the natural art in its best light.
Please contact us at +1 (800) 917-2228 or customerservice@korite.com for more information.