A lifetime of enjoyment from your Ammolite guaranteed.

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The privilege of owning one of the world’s rarest, most prized
and deeply powerful natural gems warrants exceptional customer service.

KORITE rewards the shared passion for our gems, jewelry and decorative pieces
by working diligently to the highest standards of production quality.
A lifetime of pleasure through purchase drives our service policies.

There may be times when your KORITE jewelry requires attention and
we are here to help guide you through the process.
We offer an unconditional lifetime guarantee on all jewelry against
defects in every Ammolite gem. Register your jewelry at Registration.

In the event you require KORITE jewelry repair, you can return the item to KORITE
so our experts can restore the gems to the condition at the time of sale.

Please fill out our form under Repair Request and follow instructions for shipment.

Please contact us at +1 (800) 917-2228 or customerservice@korite.com
for general inquiries and questions.