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"Simply one of the rarest gems on Earth"

Canada Fossils collects and supplies authentic fossils from countries all around the world. We specialize in colorful Canadian ammonites, mammoth tusks and fully mounted dinosaur skeletons. All our fossils come with certificates of authenticity and are fully guaranteed. If a fossil requires an export permit, it is provided.  The owners of Canada Fossils have dealt in fossils since 1970. The company has ventured in fossil excavations with: the Province of British Columbia, the Province of Alberta, the Province of Quebec, the University of Riga, Latvia, the University of Tartu, Estonia, and the Blackfoot Indian Nation in Montana, USA. Our company has an excellent international reputation. We are the consultant for many Japanese museums on the import and export of fossils. References can be provided upon request.

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We are Canada Fossils

Canada Fossils specializes in the restoration of colourful Canadian ammonites, mammoth tusks and full mounted dinosaur skeletons. We also import and export a whole array of fossils and minerals from around the world.

We are regarded as a world leader in fossil preparation and the quality of our work surpasses industry standards.

Canada Fossils is recognized as the source in mining, restoring and supplying Canadian ammonites to institutions and enthusiasts around the globe. We have been excavating Canadian ammonites as well as the ammolite gemstone for more than 25 years. In that time, Canada Fossils has uncovered tens of thousands of specimens and increased the world’s knowledge of these amazing fossils.

We have been preparing mammoth tusks since the early 1980’s. Canada Fossils was one of the first North American companies to import mammoth ivory from Russia; our first few shipments actually came from the old Soviet Union! We are the best at restoring mammoth ivory and it shows in the quality of our work.

Our dinosaur mounting has evolved over the years and now features many cutting edge designs including position-able skulls and removable bones. We have worked extensively with museums creating dioramas and backgrounds for our skeletons that are both beautiful and scientifically accurate. After placing more than 30 skeletons in natural history museums around the world we know the dinosaur business. We are still finding and preparing skeletons on a full time basis.

We welcome the opportunity to speak with you and update you on Canada Fossils’ current fossil projects. We are available to answer any questions you may have. Just fill out our feedback form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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