Ammolite Gem Care

Caring for your Ammolite Gems

Clean KORITE jewelry with a soft, dampened cloth to gently wipe the surface.
Avoid ultrasonic cleaning, detergents or chemicals to clean your KORITE jewelry.

KORITE recommends that limited contact with water while wearing ammolite.
Some locales have high mineral content in the water which can create surface deposits
that may damage the gem and jewelry finish. As with all fine jewelry, carefully avoid direct
exposure to soaps, detergents, cleaners or other chemicals.

Avoid exposure to intense, direct heat.

Store your KORITE jewelry in its original box.
Impact can damage the setting or finished ammolite gems.

KORITE’s expert craftspeople carefully set each gemstone in jewelry for a
lifetime of enjoyment. If you are considering sizing or modifying your KORITE piece,
please contact us prior to having any work done.

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