The Largest Ammolite Gemstone Awareness Campaign and Sweepstakes is Launching NOW

Canadian gemstone company partners with Jewelers of America and Canadian Jewellers Association in holiday season campaign

October 19, 2016:  The holiday season is around the corner and KORITE, the largest producer of the world’s finest ammolite, is ready to help dealers ‘bring out their true colors’ with the Amazing Ammolite Sweepstakes, an exciting nationwide campaign. To promote the sweepstakes, KORITE has partnered with Jewelers of America and Canadian Jewellers Association to offer retailers holiday jewelry bundles.

“This campaign is an exciting way to increase awareness of our unique product while letting dealers know we are looking for qualified retail outlets to represent KORITE,” says Richard Clowater, VP of Marketing and Sale – USA.

“Ammolite is a lesser known gemstone that is considered ‘One of the Rarest Gemstones on Earth’. Perfect for the holiday season, retailers can offer their clients a new and exciting product supported by a spectacular consumer campaign.”

Consumers who purchase KORITE’s holiday jewelry are eligible to win one of six KORITE prizes valued at $600 USD. The campaign will run from November 14 to December 2, 2016.

The sweepstakes will be announced and promoted on the KORITE, Jewelers of America and Canadian Jewellers Association websites and social media channels. Also, Jewelers of America will include KORITE jewelry on its television media tour throughout December.

To be a part of this exciting campaign, please contact Richard Clowater at richard@korite.com or +1 (403) 404-4931 and visit KORITE’s website for more information about the holiday bundles.
Since 1979, KORITE has been the largest, most trusted source of ammolite.  It controls more than 90 per cent of the world’s known ammolite resources and is currently recognized as the only commercial ammolite producer. The company, its discovery team, craftspeople, designers and sales professionals stand by quality and professional confidence at every stage of its international operations. In addition to mining ammolite, KORITE’s design and production division sells fine ammolite jewelry around the world in more than 28 countries.

KORITE brings out your true colors. Engage with @koriteammolite on our social media channels: Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. #koritesweeps #koritecolor

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