Color, Vibrancy and Rarity Attract Jewelry Buyers to Discover and Stock Unique Canadian Gemstone

JCK, America’s most popular tradeshow for the jewelry profession, sees KORITE take a prominent position as its global expansion plans gain momentum.

June 5, 2016: Set against the monochromatic desert landscape, Las Vegas pops with neon colors and bold, eye-catching pageantry. This week, a plethora of new, bold, bright and fetching colors arrived in America’s City of Lights with KORITE.

KORITE introduces its ammolite gems and jewelry at JCK Las Vegas, the annual “world stage” for jewelry buyers and sellers. The Canadian gemstone company is the world’s largest, most trusted source of the finest ammolite and is unveiling its new direction and initiatives for 2016. KORITE is ready for global expansion as it seeks to work with new dealers, designers and promotional partners.

“KORITE’s story is unique – the quality and grade of ammolite can only be found from our mine and sold around the world,” says Ken Oschipok, VP of International Sales, from the JCK Tradeshow floor. “Our brand of colorful gemstone jewelry and watches is attracting impressive attention this year over last, from designers, the media and buyers seeking the fascinating story only we can tell.

“JCK Las Vegas marks the debut of our new collections, management team and marketing efforts that involve an exclusive authorized dealer package. We are optimistic and proud to present to the world this week.”

“In addition to our on-trend and earthy Tiffany glass inspired Mosaic collection, we are working with several new jewelry designers and are primed to meet more at JCK,” says KORITE VP of Operations and Merchandising Amarjeet Grewal. “One example is up-and-coming Canadian
designer Andrea Blais we just signed. Her contemporary and youthful designs treat the gem in a completely new way sure to appeal to modern accessory lovers unafraid to sport bold color in joyous, stylish ways.

“We’re also working with longtime KORITE ammolite supporter and award-winning jewelry designer Llyn Strelau. He is the first North American jewelry designer to win at the 45th German Jewelry and Gemstone Prize competition.”

The Calgary Stampede Royalty are the latest celebrity faces to showcase the gems and jewelry in a new alliance officially forged with the world famous Calgary Stampede.

KORITE is proud to introduce the world to ammolite, one of the rarest gems on earth. At JCK, delegates have an opportunity to see first-hand the high-quality, beautifully designed ammolite jewelry that is available in more than 25 countries.

Visit Booth B33185 in the First Look pavilion to learn more about the ammolite gemstone and jewelry. Interested American retailers are invited to connect with the newly appointed US Sales Manager Richard Clowater at richard@korite.com.


Since 1979, KORITE, its discovery team, craftspeople, designers and sales professionals celebrate the beauty of ammolite. A certified gem, found only in a small area in Southern Alberta, the naturally fossilized material formed more than 70 million years ago. Valued for ts rare beauty and potential holistic properties, KORITE is now sold in more than 25 countries.

Privately held, KORITE is one of the mostrespected colored-gemstone discovery companies, with a far-reaching signature jewelry brand. From responsible harvest at its eco-award winning mine to finished jewelry and decor statement pieces, the company stands by quality and professional confidence at every stage of its intimate Canadian operations. World renowned Feng Shui Masters say “this stone is the stone of the new millennium.”

KORITE celebrates your true colors. Engage with #koritecolor on social channels.

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