KORITE Announces New Ownership and Exciting Direction for 2016 and Beyond

Korite Announces New Ownership
and Exciting Direction for 2016 and Beyond

From mine to design, Alberta gemstone company encourages all to “Celebrate Your True Colors” through personal style in jewelry and at home with dramatic decor.

Calgary, AB: KORITE is Canada’s premiere supplier of one of the world’s rarest gems: the colorful, authentic and natural ammolite. Effectively immediately, the company’s recent acquisition sees accomplished retail executive Martin Bunting appointed Chief Executive Officer. He leads the company with President Jay Maull, a stalwart mining and jewelry executive, at the helm of the growing company headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

“With new ownership and fresh perspectives on an already successful business, KORITE is sure to grow and prosper internationally with sustainable discovery, ethical manufacture and creative design at heart,” says Maull.

“Building upon the platform the original owners pioneered since the late 1970s, we are positively excited about the future of Korite,” says Bunting. “Ammolite is one of the most colorful gemstones on earth. Its rarity, vibrancy and natural expression call to the modern jewelry enthusiast. A new design direction for the evolving brand will encourage jewelers to proudly introduce something new, distinctly colorful and deeply emotive to their clients.”

Bunting draws on decades of experience in the retail sector and believes ammolite’s rarity paired with a creative consumer-centric approach to marketing the gem, will excite the marketplace — from Canada to cruise lines, from America to Asia. His acumen as a retailer will equip them with the tools and a message needed to bring KORITE further into the spotlight.

Already, KORITE is sold in more than 25 countries. Plans are in place to align with new fashion-forward designers and retailers to grow the business.

By nature and by design, KORITE ammolite is unique. In its niche, the company already offers the highest quality in jewelry and home decor statements. Further strength comes from the company’s control of more than 90 per cent of the world’s known ammolite resources. Its mining practices are praised for eco-responsible leadership.

“With renewed vision and such a distinct gem, we are ready to tell our compelling story in fresh, bold ways,” says Maull.

“Our people and products show attention to detail that build consumer confidence, while this gem’s uncommon natural vibrancy draws customers to wear it with pride, sparking conversations and intrigue into its origins,” says Maull. “It’s a winning combination.”

The new team debuts its new website today along with a fresh presence on social media. Follow the team on LinkedIn. Celebrate KORITE on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram /koriteammolite and #celebratecolor.

Since 1979, KORITE, its discovery team, craftspeople, designers and sales professionals celebrate the beauty of ammolite. A certified gem, found only in a small area in Southern Alberta, the naturally fossilized material formed more than 70 million years ago. Valued for its rare beauty and potential holistic properties, KORITE is now sold in more than 25 countries. Privately held, KORITE is one of the most respected colored-gemstone discovery companies, with a far-reaching signature jewelry brand. From responsible harvest at its eco-award winning mine to finished jewelry and decor statement pieces, the company stands by quality and professional confidence at every stage of its intimate Canadian operations. World renowned Feng Shui Masters say “this stone is the stone of the new millennium.” KORITE celebrates your true colors.

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